Investment Management

CROSSPATH has close relationships with real estate agents, banks, trust banks, securities companies, etc. and offers attractive deals to investors. In addition, we will also give advice on the structure obtained through many projects so far. Utilizing our relationship with banks, we will procure debt finance from banks under attractive conditions, and support deal closing.

  • Deal sourcing
  • Due diligence and financial modeling
  • Structuring (collaborations with lawyers and tax advisors)
  • Equity financing
  • Debt financing and refinancing
  • Deal closing work
  • Reporting in English
  • Disposition
  • Liquidation of entities

Advisory / Brokerage

CROSSPATH offers a wide range of financial and strategic advisory services, including M&A activity, real estate transactions, and private placements. We also provide management consulting and advisory work for overseas companies who are developing their business in Japan. CROSSPATH brings a solutions-oriented mindset to each task. Our experienced professionals deliver high quality solutions, drilling down into complex issues.

Principal Investment

CROSSPATH utilizes our balance sheet to invest in various assets. We are actively investing in commercial real estate in Tokyo, housing in Fukuoka Prefecture, housing in central Tokyo, solar power projects, and other transactions in special situations.