Crosspath Advisors, Ltd. (hereinafter, referred to as "our company") complies with Japanese laws and regulations in order to respond to social demands for personal information protection, and privacy in order to clarify the approach regarding personal information protection. We will establish the policy and adhere to it faithfully. (This Private Policy is the translation of the Japanese version, and if there is a conflict between the English and Japanese versions of this Policy, the Japanese version will prevail.)

1. Collection, use and provision of personal information

We may ask for personal information such as your name, address, phone number and email address. Personal information will be acquired by appropriate means, and the purpose of use will be announced, notified, and clearly stated.

2. Intended usage of personal information

The Company will use it for sales activities, contract fulfillment, information and service provision associated with each of the following businesses and businesses incidental to them:

1. Sale / rental of real estate, their agency / mediation, management, etc.
2. Sale of trust beneficiary interest of real estate and lease rights
3. Real estate securitization business
4. Investment advisory services for real estate and real estate trust beneficiary interest, etc.
5. Financing secured by real estate, securities, etc. and its intermediary or guarantee
6. Marketing (questionnaire etc.) activities, customer trend analysis or survey analysis such as product development
7. Conducting recruiting selection activities for our company
8. We will use it with the consent of the customer, except when providing personal information to a third party to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of 1. or when required by law.

3. Secure management of personal information

Personal information will be managed appropriately and carefully. Necessary and appropriate safety management measures will be taken to prevent unauthorized access, loss, falsification, leakage, etc. of personal information.

4. Delegation of handling of personal information

Regarding personal information, we may outsource the handling. In that case, we will select a person who has taken sufficient measures to protect personal information and supervise the contractor as necessary and appropriate.

5. Contact information

For inquiries regarding this policy, please contact the following.
Crosspath Advisors Co., Ltd.